Tuesday, July 2, 2013


            I'm working on the last couple of posts for Gulliver's Travels, but I also wanted to let people know about the subscription chicklets in the lower right hand corner of the blog.  I was having problems figuring out what the problem was with the feedburner subscription setup, but I think it's straightened out now.  My apologies to those subscribers who were interested enough in my blog to subscribe, and then weren't getting any content.  That was mostly due to my lack of knowledge.  It should be all set now, with both the option to subscribe in a reader or via e-mail.  If you did subscribe before, I had to delete those in order to set things to rights, so you'll need to re-subscribe.  The plus side is, you should actually get the posts now.
            And you should subscribe soon, because shortly there will be fascinating information coming your way!  Haven't you always wondered what reason is?  Or, more pointedly, if there even is such a thing?  Don't we all?!  Also, what does reason have to do with talking horses, non-talking humans, and the expulsions of the Jews from Europe?
            I know!  I can't wait either.  If only I could quit my job and provide you with answers to questions as fascinating as these, full-time...

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