Thursday, June 13, 2013

My name on a poster! 'Cause I'm doing something!

            I confess to being sort of bad at self-promotion.  It's honestly not false modesty.  I, um, sort of think I'm brilliant.  It's just that I forget to talk to friends about my writing life because often the two seem like two different worlds.
            So here are two bits of information that I keep forgetting to tell people:
            1)  I'm having my first book published!  It will be called Beltenebros, or the Beautiful Obscure, and will be published by the local house babel/salvage.  I discussed it a little bit here.  I just keep forgetting to talk about it in person.  And...
            2)  I'm reading at Club Hollywood, just off of Aurora, the absolute height of glamour, on Bloomsday!  (June 16th, for normal people.)  Seriously, I'm a little crazy excited to be doing a literary thing on Bloomsday.  I shall say all my mea culpas to Saint James in preparation, and we'll all have a good laugh.  It's a party for the release of You Will Get in Trouble, by local writer Ryan Johnson, and there is a very cool looking poster about it below.
            If you feel like coming out and drinking and listening to work by five local writers, I'll be there. Being too good for self-promotion.

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