Wednesday, August 1, 2012

overtaken by the morning

In the longer Quixote piece, there were several of these smaller bits, which I thought of as something like "those messed up abstract night sections." Messed up because, unlike the following one, most had copious quantities of footnotes. I chose this one because for whatever reason Copy/Cut/Paste doesn't seem to work with footnotes, and the task was too daunting to recreate them for one of the weirder sections.

overtaken by the morning*

at twilight night begins at twilight.
such beautiful terror all this

day’s dust settles in a thicket not far
not far from a great and shadowy building looms
not far from twilight
such beautiful twilight.

not there yet in a thicket
of oaks not far from the gate in a thicket
night is pulled on its course by the old
alonso quixano
resting in some thicket
of oaks listening to barking dogs cats mewing of
resting in some thicket of oaks young,
plump man, eyes exhausted by day’s light, on a donkey
stars and day’s dust.

from the gates, not far from shadowy thickets of
thickets of oak trees a moon a man
a moon, exhausted by the day’s light
the building that casts the shadow
where where is it?
the palace dogs, dogs barking

that great shadowy tree.

where is the palace of dulcinea?

that great shadowy ¿where? toboso, yes!  but
toboso, silent, and lying
with outstretched legs
eyes , exhausted by the day’s light watch.

where is the palace of dulcinea? 
far far from the gate far
from the thicket that great and shadowy building
that great embowery building casts the shadow.
and sancho
the plump
ventures forth on his donkey
passes oak trees
and gates
hears the barking of dogs and grunting of hogs
sancho pulls the moon across the sky
    draws the moon along its course
  while the night’s dust
cools, and settles.

* Ibid., p. 614.


  1. I love this. I love how it's like a whirlpool that keeps coming back around and repicking pieces of itself, beautiful pieces, and echoing them from other angles. It's built like Quixote's brain.

  2. Wow! Thanks! I like the idea of it being built like Don Quixote's brain. And writing a long piece was a great opportunity to experiment with creating a unified thing with lots of little echoing things that linked back and forth to one another.