Wednesday, July 4, 2012


            As some readers know, I did one blog (forms and usages) which was a wonderful learning experience.  One of the things I learned is that blogs are hard.  I was reminded of the fact that I am not a particularly fast writer, and as I had made a commitment to putting up one new piece each week, I found that that piece was all I could really manage in the course of the week.  As I don't want to focus all of my energies on projects that are blog-appropriate, I have decided to restrict my commitment in terms of how often I'll write, and actually try to maintain the blog for longer.
            I anticipate that there will be a lot about books here.  And if you care to read them, I will post bits of my own work as well.  Take a look at the tabs above for more information, and please, please, please feel free to respond with comments!
            Oh, and there's no real reason for the German.  We used random French and German words when I was growing up, and I find they come up at the strangest times.  This blog seemed to want to introduce itself with a bit of the old country in its gestures.

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